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The New Trier Republican Organization takes pride in the leaders we have sent to Springfield and Washington. Charles Percy, Don Rumsfeld, Mark Kirk, Bob Dold, and Bruce Rauner are all New Trier Republicans.

We believe in thoughtful, independent leadership that emphasizes sound fiscal policy and respect for the rule of law under the framework of the U.S. Constitution.  We prescribe a return to the principles of the Declaration of Independence which proclaims that all are created equal and imbued with inalienable rights.

By remembering these principles, we can create the balance between individual rights and limited government regulation. Policies of limited government intervention facilitate innovative entrepreneurship and contribute to growing the economy.  Freeing people from counterproductive government regulation empowers them to develop their abilities and attain their potential, rewarding self-achievement and raising their standard of living.

new trier gop board members


New Trier Illinois Republican Party GOP Chairwoman Kathy Myalls

Committeeman, New Trier Township

Chair, New Trier GOP



Vice Chair, New Trier GOP